There are ten Computing at School regional centres across England, of which we, CAS London, are one. We are run through universities, King’s College London and Queen Mary University of London run CAS London with Sue Sentance, Paul Curzon and William Marsh at the helm.

If you are not a member of CAS, I’d really recommend you join. There are over 23,000 members who are here to help you! With thousands of free resources, forums to answer questions and share ideas. Plus the regional centres, master teachers and hubs are here to help you get the CPD you need to teach computing in your school.  CAS membership is free funded through the DfE and other sponsors.

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Regional Centres, master teachers and hubs run a whole range of networking and CPD events and support for schools. This includes local conferences, twilight courses, targeted training events and one to one support for schools. These are for primary, secondary and A level teachers. CPD includes introduction to, improving or advanced sessions on specific programming languages such as Scratch, Kodu, Python, JavaScript, Java etc, alongside sessions on computational thinking, networks, data structures, exam board requirements, curriculum development, assessment, pedagogy and much more. For example in London we are running a 10 week A level twilight courses, improver Scratch courses, codebug sessions, micro:bit support, Barefoot demystifying computer science for primary staff meetings and that’s just the tip of the Autumn schedule iceberg. If you need support, or specific CPD for yourself or your school, let us know, let us help you!

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On a final note, CAS is part of the BCS (British Computer Society), within this computer science family there are further CPD opportunities, such as the BCS certificate in computer science teaching. There is a primary and a secondary certificate. The certificate gives you the opportunity to gain CPD and accreditation, there is a guided and independent route. The certificate comprises of three components that you undertake over around a year or so. To find out more see here.

Jane Waite currently works for Computing At School (CAS) as the regional coordinator for London along with Trevor Bragg and Jo Brodie.  The team support master teachers, hub leaders, lead schools, teachers and anyone involved in computer science teaching and learning in London Schools, easy peasy!  The objective is to coordinate CAS activity in London, helping facilitate collaboration between CPD providers, growing and supporting our networks of master teachers and hubs.